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Celebrity Entitlement

I meant to speak on this a bit earlier, but was sidetracked LOL. Anyway, by now I’m sure everyone knows about what happened at the Essence Fest and what went down between Prince (who I’ve been a fan of since forever) and singer/R&B Diva Lil Mo (who I did start out liking but kind of stopped following for a while until she did the Endow Me song with Coko, Faith and Fantasia). When the stories started spreading over the internet/social media about Lil Mo’s encounter and incident at the Essence Fest, I was like ok, it was a good little laugh at first. It’s Lil Mo, we know what she’s known for in terms of speaking out and keeping it real life (as she so firmly put it). I was like, that’s Mo being Mo.

However, after seeing all the bashing everyone did to her on IG and twitter. I was like WOW. Why is she being ripped a new one? It’s not like she did anything wrong or to Prince at all. She had just as much access as everyone else that was there. She had to stop nature’s call just because “Prince” was entering the building? I was like oh ok, again that Mo just being Mo turning up. Then after hearing several more artist sharing their unkind/disrespectful treatment at the Essence Fest, I was like it’s not a joke, they really are on some bigger vs lessor entitlement ish. And when singer Ms. Stephine Mills shared her experience (via twitter) about her stint at the Essence Fest, I began to see things a lot more clear about what Lil Mo went thru regarding the Prince debacle. Stephine Mills said that they wouldn’t even let her team and stylest thru so she could prepare and get made up for her performance that night. Then she said they told her she couldn’t perform on the main stage because she wasn’t a big enough name in this era.

I understand having a certain amount of respect and regard for our musical legends, but that’s gives nobody the right to treat other artist and their peers disrespectfully. That’s one of the things I don’t like about this game. The fakeness and the celebrity entitlement that seems to be at the forefront of the game today. It’s not even about the talent or the music anymore, but how popular, rich, or famous you are. None of those things matter long term, because they’re all temporary things with dwindling value. Just like a car, once you drive it off the lot, it depreciates.

This is also one of the reasons I’m not a huge Beyonce fan. It has nothing to do with her in particular, but the idol worship and praise these “fans” do over her. It’s a huge turn off. And this weird obsession people seem to have with her/about her. That’s creepy to me. What does it say in the bible (the 10 commandments in fact). Thou shall not have any other Gods or false idols before me. So why are they exalting this woman like she’s God? That I don’t understand. Since when did we put humans above God? I’m not surprised, because the bible did say these days would come. I’m just saying.

Are you a Christian? If so, with how the world all seems to be living away from the teachings of the Word, do you find that you seem different than a lot of the young people today?

Yes I am Christian. A lot of my values and moral compass came from my parents. I was lucky to come up under them. Young person with an old soul.

RIP Lady Ruby Dee! We have lost yet another woman of substance and grace. May you continue your work from heaven’s mansion.

RIP Lady Ruby Dee! We have lost yet another woman of substance and grace. May you continue your work from heaven’s mansion.

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RIP Ms. Phenomenal Woman

RIP Lady Maya Angelou. Your grace and wisdom will truly be missed and valued.


Recap from my experience Two weeks ago. I think it’s funny how you don’t even have to be famous for anything in front of the camera yet exactly, but people still manage to throw negative energies your way.

And yes I mean every word of that title today. It’s ironic to me how people think they can tell a grown and more than capable adult how to think, act, what to say, and how they should live. All based on one thing called opinion. Well two things, perception and opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions (I have them too). However, you can’t control the reactions to them. And it’s crazy to me how people love to use that entitlement, until they don’t get the reactions and agreements they were looking for. Then they get mad. Truth is, people can’t handle different view points respectfully. They only want what they say to be the be all end all dominant voice. And that’s not how it works.

People are more concerned with being right than being valid and credible, with credible knowledge. But what really gets me is, the name calling and petty shots grown adults take at you (like you’re in high school and it’s the homecoming or cheerleader top clique), just for firing back at them. They take that sh*t way too far. And it’s all because of one little thing……opinions. SMH, all I have to say to that particular person is….Listen San Pedro (err Markie), just sell your produce on the side of the f*cking road and breed your f*cking pitbulls OK. Leave the real sh*t to us. It’s crazy how they use and take social media/internet to inflict their “voice” when a lot of these folks shouldn’t have one. But I guess the saying is true, smart phones stupid people. I’m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand. It’s crazy how people have to see and hear you now days (in video or audio form), in order to get the message. And even then they still try to dig deeper than what it really is.

It’s the remix…..Yes, real remixes. And I’m going to have some special guest on the Hip Hop remix.

Since I’ve been pretty busy with everything, I haven’t been doing too much blogging or rolling out some kind of info on my pending projects. So I decided to drop a little Friday the 13th treat.  And while I am preparing to gear everything up. Here are a few samples of what I’ve been working on. Everything soon come tho. So stay tuned.

Original tagged instrumental of my first single “Remember The Rain” (no vocals yet).

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Tiffany Tuesdays

As most of you can see by now, I’ve started this thing called Tiffany Tuesdays, where I give out a little info and some music or a song or two, off of and leading up to my musical projects. And right now, I’m just giving you a little taste of what’s going to go down starting September third. I will be releasing two singles/songs. One is from my upcoming LP “Murder She Wrote” and it’s entitled Take Me Back. The other, is my first official single from my up coming CD No Holds Barred, it’s entitled ‘Remember The Rain.” And this Friday, I’ll be giving you guys a little taste of the songs. And on 9/3 both records will be released. In the mean time, enjoy the cover art.



SWV says we missed them. And boy did we. That time off has served them well, because we got the ear candy that is the “I Missed Us” album. In the 90s SWV was one the Blueprint girl groups that we’ve seen many molded after. Street savvy but sweet harmonies is what made us love them. Along with their unique but signature “rain drop” sound. Even with their 15 year absence, nothing has cracked here. I Missed Us is SWV in 2012, but still maintaining who they are. And it turned out to be great. The bouncy first single “Co-Sign” is evidence that if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Perfect to signal a triumphant return (reminiscent of I’m So Into You). And it just so happens group member Lelee leads the pack this time around, while Coko’s unique and beautiful soprano not far behind.

The Party continues with the old school but body rocking jams “All About You” and “Do Ya” which features new comer Brianna Perry. They’re bound to get you up out of your seat. And of course, we can’t forget those sweet slow love jams. They come in the form of the classic “Love Unconditionally” which was written by another 90′s duo girl Jean Baylor of Zhane, and “Everything I Love.” Which have become fan favorites. The 90′s but 2012 gloss continues on the current “Better Than I” which has the girls stating not to be fooled, they’re nothing like the girl you have now. The flip side to that grass isn’t greener anthem is the hi-hat sounding Time To Go. Where they do like Beyonce and tell the man to go to the left. Where as “Show Off” boast of SWV’s classic but classy/nasty love to the fellas (nothing wrong with that).

As the title track “I Missed Us” suggest how a long lost love is missed, and the song wields an even bigger surprise. The Zelda sample at the core. To sweeten the deal adding icing on the cake. If you have the Target version of the trio’s album, you get their longed for remake of Switch’s “There’ll Never Be” (which was performed by them on the 90′s hit series New York Undercover), the throwback sounding “Free You” and one of their infamous remixes of Co-Sign by head producer Lamb. It may have taken 15 years. But the result is this sweet gem of an album. Yes, we really did miss you Coko, Lelee and Taj. Welcome back!

After the twitter blow up about Keyshia Cole and her comments on former Destiny’s Child stand in Michelle Williams, this whole thing made me think about how the public perceives entertainers. Which is ironic and funny at the same time, because the fans (to a less degree) and non-supporters (to a bigger degree) of many of these artist are so invested in their lives. This whole “stan” thing is even crazier if you ask me. I’d be really culture shocked if I knew I had stans lol. But I digress. Anyway, fast forward to today, and the social media (aka twitter-verse) village idiots are still hassling that girl a week later. All over her personal opinion of one of her peers.

Granted she tweeted her personal stance again last night on her current thoughts of Michelle. And the internet community blew up again at her over it. Stating that she’s still talking ish and hadn’t stopped all week. From the outside looking in, yes, it seems that way. But that isn’t the case. Clearly those behind their smart phones and computer screens fail to realize how she was bombarded with BS all week about Michelle (via twitter, IG, photo-shop, lame jokes and jabs about her mom’s addiction), even when she wasn’t saying anything about ole girl. So who’s really mad? If the attention starved twitter stalkers had left her alone, maybe she would stop talking about your girl Michelle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what Keyshia did was right, in regards to how she delivered her opinion. However, she was completely entitled to have one and openly state it like everybody else. Honestly would it matter if she was PC and cookie cutter about how she felt? Nope, because she would still be seen as the hater, villain, with a bad attitude. Not to mention Keyshia said Michelle had a few snide remarks FIRST about her performance on the Soul Train awards. How do y’all know that isn’t true? Either way, this brings me to say I don’t understand why artist can’t honestly express how they feel about their peers.

After all, they know more about them than the outsiders do. As someone who creates music herself, it’s ironic how these bloggers, fans, interviewers ect…are so against artist/celebs speaking on their peers, but yet want them to be honest and forth-coming about themselves. Oxymoron much. All I’m saying is, if you want these artist to be honest, then let them be that across the board. Don’t only agree when it’s convenient truth for you. Everybody isn’t going to like your favorite. You’ll deal. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thinking about Michelle or DC either (and let’s keep it real some of y’all know you weren’t either). Further more, I didn’t even watch the Superbowl or any of that. I’m not into those types of things. So I really didn’t pay it any mind.

Speaking of which, yes it was nice that Michelle was on that stage. But not every artist defines their career or success by that, or awards and record sales. And not every artist does music for that reason either. Is it nice to have all that? Yeah, but that doesn’t make you unsuccessful, broke, or irrelevant because you don’t have it. In the words of my girl Monica - “I may not get called for the biggest stages but at least my platform is a real one. And I’m thankful for that.”  Anyway, with that being said, y’all will get over Michelle being dissed. It really ain’t that serious. There are so many other things going on in the world. Especially since the village idiots deem Keyshia as forgotten about and irrelevant. And DC and Michelle have so much more money. Ok, I’m done and over it.

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